Aids and Assistive Devices for Persons with Disabilities under ADIP Scheme

S.No Aids & Assistive Devices
1. Battery Operated Motorised Tricycle
2. Tricycle Conventional Hand Propelled (Hamrahi)
3. Tricycle Conventional Right Hand Drive (Stuti)
4. Wheel Chair Folding Standard Model Adult Size (Saathi)
5. Wheel Chair Folding Child Size (MAMTA)
6. Cerebral Palsy (CP) Chair
7. Crutch Elbow Adjustable (ALUMINIUM) Size I
8. Crutch Elbow Adjustable (ALUMINIUM) Size II
9. Crutch Axilla Adjustable (ALUMINIUM) Extra Small
10. Crutch Axilla Adjustable (ALUMINIUM) Small
11. Crutch Axilla Adjustable (ALUMINIUM) Medium
12. Crutch Axilla Adjustable (ALUMINIUM) Large
14. Braille Cane Folding For Visually Handicapped (DELUXE)
15. Rolator Size SIZE I (CHILD)
16. Rolator Size I (ADULT)
17. Braille Slate Type A
18. Braille Kit Child
19. Smart Cane Type - 1
20. Smart Phone With Screen Reader
21. (Activity of Daily Living) ADL Kit for Leprosy Affected Person
22. Cell Phone For Leprosy Affected Person
23. Collar Cervical Soft Medium
24. BTE Digital Type Hearing Aid Type II
25. 6 Pack Of 13 Zinc-air Battery
26. Walker
27. (Teaching Learning Material) TLM Kits
28. (Teaching Learning Material) TLM Kits
29. Orthosis
30. CD Player
31. Low vision Aid ( MAGNIFIER)
32. Low vision Aid (SPECTACLES)
33. Cochlear Implant
34. Tablet
35. Calipers
36. Tripod
37. Tetrapod